Mixed Media

Haiku cards set 3x4

Mixed media can mean different things to different people. In mixed media art, two or more different art media are used together in the same piece. Mixed media can be wild and unrestrained, subdued and subtle, or anything in between. It can be three dimensional and it can be done on altered objects such as playing cards or used books. I am using the term mixed media here to encompass my artwork that is not art journaling.

Altered card deck collage

Altered card decks are one of my favorite things to create. I have five or six decks now and have plans to make more. These paper collage card decks have one word on each card and I use this deck to choose my one word for the new year each year. I have the collage card deck, several quotation card decks, an affirmation card deck, and a fortune cookie fortune card deck.

There are no words

Painting on canvas is different than painting in an art journal. The paint behaves differently. I don’t know why but it feels more substantive to paint on canvas as a substrate. On this piece I used acrylic craft paint, a posca paint pen, and I glued on paper punched hearts from gelli printed paper. I have a gelli plate to make monoprints and it is wonderful.

Four seasons book
Four seasons book inside
The cover for this book started out as a quilt journal page. Then I decided to turn it into a book cover instead and made a back to go with it. I got some good quality paper for the pages and inserted rice paper between the sections for the four seasons. I used the Japanese stab stitch method to bind the book. After the book was completed I collected quotes for each season until I had enough quotes to insert one at the bottom of each page.

Garden book cover
Garden book inside
This book was inspired by trips to Ballek’s Garden Center in East Haddam and White Flower Farm in Litchfield, both in Connecticut. I used to be a gardener and now I enjoy other people’s gardens. I took pictures with my phone and later made photo collages with the PhotoGrid app. I printed these out on Printed Treasures fabric photo sheets and sewed them into the fabric book that I made. I sewed novelty yarn around the edges of the pages.

first canvas
This was my first canvas. I had painted watercolors on paper for years but wanted to paint on canvas for a long time. I glued down some pieces of scrapbooking paper for one of the layers and enjoyed the whole process. Acrylic paint is a lot different than watercolor paint and both have unique advantages. I love both kinds of paint!