Mandala love is a circle
I started making mandalas this year when most of my art supplies were packed up for a move. I use a protractor and compass to draw a grid in pencil, ink in a design, and then color it with Tombow markers. Sometimes I use pastels to color the background.

Drawing circle
The circle format is really interesting to me. A circle has a lot of meaning. A circle is self contained… it has no beginning and no end. A circle can be divided into four quadrants to represent the four seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Drawing swirls words
I like to draw. I keep a small sketchbook and usually draw abstract shapes or mandalas in my sketchbook. Sometimes I add words to my sketches. I used to draw from nature and I am thinking about doing that again. I would like to combine writing/ my observations with nature or still life sketches. Recently I have seen some interesting artist’s journals that did that and I think it would be fun.