The Leaf on the Sidewalk

I would like to share a blog post from a previous blog that focuses on the simple act of noticing a leaf on the sidewalk. This story has meaning for me and still stands true today. Too often we don’t see, or we look but still don’t see. It is not an intentional thing, but rather a matter of living one’s life without intention… going through life on autopilot instead of taking each moment as it comes, examining it, and learning something from what you have discovered.

There is so much beauty to be found in simple things, see blog post here.  Noticing small things brings richness and depth to our lives. Finding happiness in the knowing and the doing as we go about our day can bring inner calm and peace.

Walking in the Rain
September 8, 2011

It has been raining for a few days now and I walked to the library yesterday underneath my purple umbrella to check out some books and videos. I almost walked past this dramatic leaf and then stopped and backed up to have a closer look. The leaf was huge and probably a variety of hosta or similar plant. I am not a gardener like my mother, although I did make an attempt at gardening at another time in my life. My garden always seemed to be an overgrown haven for invasive plants that spread underground runners and took over things.

This leaf stands alone, its veins marking the passage of time and its coloring heralding the coming of fall. The drops of rain along the surface stand up quietly to announce their presence on this quietly grey day. The shape of the leaf folding back on itself is what intrigued me to take a closer look. Sometimes, when we hurry through our lives, we miss the small things, the important things, the quiet beauty of the things all around us. Just for a moment, really see instead of just looking. Try to capture this beauty in your mind and hold it close to your heart.