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My son and his wife gave me a year-long subscription to Storyworth for Mother’s Day this year. Each week I receive a question as a prompt and at the end of the year my answers will be published as a book for me to keep. I have been enjoying my Storyworth writing assignments with the questions that Joe and Aurora preselected and would like to share last week’s entry here.

“What inventions have had the biggest impact on your day-to-day life?”

Without a doubt, digital technology has had a huge impact on my life, from music and video to websites and blogs. Mobile technology has had the biggest impact on my life with my android phone that keeps me connected with friends near and far, and my iPad tablet that opens up worlds for me to explore visually. There is creative inspiration everywhere and there are online communities that expand your social circles and horizons.

You can tailor your online experience to your own wants and needs. I choose to keep my online experience positive and make it an enjoyable place filled with inspiration and camaraderie. I tune out and walk away from any online drama or negativity. I seek out places that are beneficial to my growth and well-being. And I limit my time online… I dip in when I need to, usually in quick microbursts, then put that aside and get back to doing whatever it was that I was doing when I reached for my phone. I write. I create art. I make quilts. I crochet. I hang out with family and friends. I share things. I live my life.

Another great invention that has made my life better is condominium living. I moved to Edgemere Condos by Lake Pocotopaug last year and I am so happy here. I am not handy and don’t want the responsibility of taking care of a house. I live alone so it is nice to have good neighbors nearby. I can walk out the front door and not have to worry about anything. And when I am home it is my own little nest and retreat from the outside world. I have filled my home with all of my favorite things and it is an expression of who I am.

My place

Edgemere condos

2 thoughts on “Storyworth Brings Questions to Life

  1. Mandy says:

    I’m a millennial, so I can’t imagine life without the internet. What did people do before they could look up things on google? 😉

    Right now my husband and I are trying to decide where to go next – a house, condo, or an apartment. I’m all for a SMALL house, because I like the yard space and I worry about noise from the neighbors. But, after reading your post, I can definitely see the perks of living in a condo or apartment. As it is, neither of us is interested in yard work, despite my wanting a yard, so who knows where we will move to next? I enjoyed “seeing” condos from your point of view, though. (That’s what my husband is pushing for.)

    With Love,

  2. Mary says:

    Life before the internet was not easy 🙂

    House, condo, or apartment… each has trade offs. It really depends on your situation. I think a house is better if you have kids and want a yard, more privacy, etc. I was not a big fan of condos before but these are really nice, well built, nice grounds, and the complex has lake frontage so it feels like a vacation place. And I don’t have to take care of yard work, upkeep, or snow removal. An apartment gives you the most mobility as you don’t have to deal with trying to sell your place if you decide to move. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!


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