New Beginnings in Art

There are no words

I have been thinking about doing this for a long while and decided to sign up for WordPress for my art website today. Over the next few weeks I will set up a new art website here. It is exciting to see all of the plugins and features that are available with WordPress. There is a learning curve of course, but it will be fun exploring this platform that is the backbone for many websites.

I will be sharing my art work and inspiration here. I have been art journaling for about seven years and have grown so much through this practice. Art journaling lets you uncover and bring your feelings to the surface so that you can express yourself in a positive way and increase self awareness.

It is important to do what inspires you in the moment. I work in different media because at any one moment in time I am inspired to express myself in different ways. Sometimes I might want to draw or sketch out ideas. Sometimes I might want to work on an altered card deck. Sometimes I might want to work on a quilt. Other times I might want to paint and that could be in an art journal, on loose paper, or on canvas. There are often times when I don’t create anything while ideas are percolating in the back of my mind. Whatever you choose to do is your truth and your own path to follow. There is no must or should. There is only do what is right for you.

I want to inspire you to grow your creativity in your own way. I plan to develop offerings such as e-books, tutorials, and classes. I love creating intuitive art and am excited about sharing this with others.

We are all artists. You can follow our own path and express yourself in your own way. I would like to light the path to your art spirit and open the door to creativity.


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