mindfulness light through trees

Welcome to the Mary Art Life website and blog. It is with gratitude I share my creative journey with you, bringing inspiration and mindfulness to your life. Slow down, allow yourself to breathe, and find joy in the simple moments in life. Listen. Notice things. Be aware. Embrace change and let go of that which does not serve you.

mindfulness circle

There is creativity in the simplest of acts… cooking and sharing food, arranging your living space in a way that nurtures you, creating a small alter of treasured mementos, helping a friend without being asked, saying kind words to a stranger. Living creatively can bring mindfulness into your heart and makes you a conduit for universal source. Energy then flows through you and elevates your being.

quilt near yet far

Making something with your hands let’s you tap into your inner wellspring and connect with your core self… that still, small voice inside, who can get lost amidst all the voices and the noise that are from outside influences you have absorbed over time, and are not the real you. Working from heart to hand in tangible expression, your feelings are unearthed and validated.

All that matters

Creativity is a mindfulness practice for me. When I am bringing an art piece to life, I focus on my feelings and the artwork in my hands, and I follow my breath as it goes in and goes out. I let go of any preconceived notions about what the work should be and I let the energy of source flow through me and into the creation of the art.